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Hot Spots
2014-12-06 12:42:41
Dear sir/madam, Can you please let me know whether Hot spots in a particular component/casting is Process dependent or Does every Casting/component has its own Process Independent Hot Spot?. Please do explain
2015-12-11 22:37:30
Forming of the hot spot depends on geometric shape of casting, the feeding system, furthermore on type of material used whether long or short freezing range.
2016-03-16 00:08:21
Hotspot dynamically migrate to liquid and pasty according to criteria gravitational similitude law, and free convection solid state at room up to temperature.
2016-11-09 09:57:06
Usually Hotspots are formed in thick mass areas in casting .Also the freezing range of alloy plays a important role in hotspots.
2017-03-06 18:15:48
Dear Sir/Madam, I want detail procedure of design of feeders and risers using simulation from detecting the hot spot region.
2017-09-25 18:21:21
Firstly refer a good reference book like "Metal casting-Computer aided design and analysis" by Prof. B. Ravi and then go through any casting simulation software.

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