People and Projects

Mayur Sutaria, Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering Department
Charotar University of Science and Technology (CHARUSAT)
Changa, Anand-388421, Gujarat
Projects Casting solidification feed-paths: Modeling, Computation and Applications
  • "Computation of Casting Solidification Feed-paths using Gradient Vector Method with Various Boundary Conditions". International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology; May, 2012; under review.

  • "Computation of feed-paths for casting solidification using level-set-method". Journal of Material Processing Technology; January 2013; vol 212, page 1236-1249.

  • "Casting Simulation Case Study: Disc (Al alloy- Die Casting)". Indian Foundry Journal; June 2011; vol 57, issue 6, page 41.

  • "Casting Simulation Case Study: Shaft Pin (Cast Iron- Green Sand Casting)". Indian Foundry Journal; December 2010; vol 56, issue 12, page 53.

  • "Casting Simulation Case Study: Differential Housing (Ductile Iron- Sand Casting)". Indian Foundry Journal; January 2010; vol 56, issue 1, page 26.

  • "Gradient Vector Method for Computing Feed-paths and Hot-spots during Casting Solidification". Proceedings of 37th International MATADOR Conference, The University of Manchester, Manchester (UK); 25-27 July, 2012.

  • "Multi-parameter Optimization of Casting Feeding System using Simulation Meta-model". Proceedings of 60th Indian Foundry Congress, Institute of Indian Foundrymen, Bangalore; 2-4 March, 2012.

  • Sutaria M, Joshi D, Jagdishwar M, and Ravi B. "Automatic Optimization of Casting Feeders using Feed-paths generated by VEM". Proceedings of ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition (IMECE), Denver (USA); 11-17 November, 2011.

  • Sutaria M, Joshi D, Jagdishwar M, and Ravi B. "Feeding System Design and Evaluation using Temperature Gradient (Feed Path) Maps". Proceedings of 115th Metalcasting Congress, American Foundry Society, Schaumburg, IL; 5-8 April, 2011.

  • Joshi D, Sutaria M, Shinde V D. "Solidification Simulation Approaches and Their Application for Shrinkage Porosity Prediction". Proceedings of 58th Indian Foundry Congress, Institute of Indian Foundrymen, Ahmedabad; 5-7 February, 2010