Casting Project Ideas

Metal casting is a multi-physics domain involving fluid flow, heat transfer and stresses. It involves a large number of material, geometric and process parameters. There is virtually unlimited scope for basic research to develop the underlying science, as well as applied research useful to the industry. A few project ideas are listed here for Diploma, Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral students. They should preferably approach local industry to fine-tune the problem definition and obtain realistic data. More ideas can be generated by considering a different composition of cast metal (ferrous, non-ferrous), mold material (green sand, dry sand, ceramic, metal), and pouring conditions (gravity, vacuum, low pressure, high pressure, centrifugal). The required skill set (analytical, computational, and experimental) is different for each project. The difficulty level (undergraduate or post-graduate) can be adjusted based on the time available, by considering less or more parameters for study, and coupling two or more skills. Suggestions for including more project ideas are welcome. Industry may list projects, which are of immediate interest and can be sponsored.

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