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Prediction and Analysis of Mechanical
Properties and Defects in Investment
Casting Product
Amit Sata

Background : Investment castings are widely employed in automobile, chemical, aerospace and defense industries. Defect free castings with exceptional mechanical properties is one of the basic requirements for these industrial castings to perform satisfactorily in their service life as service life can be extended by producing defect free casting with reasonable mechanical properties

Methods : Real time data related to defects and mechanical properties was collected from investment casting foundry. Prediction and analysis is carried out using statistical, artificial intelligence and probabilistic based method.

Results : Mechanical properties and defects were predicted using above said approaches. Analysis of mechanical properties and defects was carried out using probabilistic approach.

Conclusion Statistical and artificial Intelligence approaches can be used for prediction of mechanical properties and defects. Probabilistic approach can be used for identifying important parameters which affects the quality of castings.