E-Foundry Lab, IIT Bombay

The E-Foundry Lab at IIT Bombay is housed in F4 shed (earlier Tin Smithy) on the IDC-Hillside road. It has three types of facilities: (a) Computational: E-Foundry servers, 3D solid modelling, casting simulation, finite element analysis, image processing and web development tools; (b) Experimental: 3D printing (plastic pattern), no-bake resin bonded molding, sand and mold testing, induction and resistance melting, temperature data acquisition, and water flow setups; and (c) Mini-library: casting books, handbooks, dissertations and conference proceedings, along with facilities for seminar, video conference, and computer hands-on training. The adjoining OrthoCAD lab is used for medical device innovation. These facilities are used for UG and PG labs, course projects, student projects, and industrial research. Quick tour of the twin labs can be arranged on Saturdays with prior appointment.