E-Foundry Cell, Indore

E-Foundry Cell, SGSITS Indore was formulated on 3rd August 2013.
Student projects:

  • Analysis of the effectiveness of feed aids for Cast Steel using Design of Experiments, Sudeep Jain, 2013.
  • Investigating influence of pouring parameters on filling time, solidification time forLM6 Material, Sumit Billaiya, 2013.
  • Benchmarking honeycomb fluidity standard with spiral fluidity test standard, Manoj Kayat, 2013.


Dr. Durgesh Joshi
Associate Professor
Industrial and Production Engineering Dept.
SGS Institute of Technology and Science
23, Visvesvaraya Marg, Indore 452003 MP
E-Mail: durgesh.cim@gmail.com

Research Projects :

  • Mr Ramnendra Mandloi, "Evolving Methodologies for Selecting Appropriate Combination of Multivariate Techniques for Process Optimization"
  • Mr Sanjay Jathar, "Evaluating the Environmental Impact of Sand Casting Process using Life Cycle Analysis Tool with Sensitivity Analysis of Design and Process Parameters"
  • Mr Irfan Khan, "Property Prediction of Sand Casting Parts using Simulation Techniques"

Recent Publications :

  • Shinde V D, Joshi D, Ravi B, and Narasimhan K, "Optimization of Mold Yield in Multi-Cavity Sand castings", ASM Journal of Material Engineering and Performance, (2013), Vol. 22, No. 4, 1574-81
  • Mishra P., and Joshi D., "FEM and VEM Based Casting Simulation", International Conference on Developments in Robotics, Applied Mechatronics, Manufacturing and Automation (DRAMA-2013), NITTTR Bhopal, 16-17th September, 2013.
  • Jathar S, and Joshi D, "Evaluating the Energy usage and Environmental Impacts of Sand Casting using Life Cycle Assessment", Journal of Manufacturing Engineering, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, (2012), 7(4), 202-207

Important Visitors:

  • Prof. Neelesh Jain, Dean Academics, IIT Indore
  • Dr Ashish Tiwari, Prof & Head, Mechanical Engineering Dept, IET DAVV Indore
  • Dr Nagendra Sohani, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering Dept , IET DAVV Indore