E-Foundry Cell, Ichalkaranji, Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Student projects:

  • Vishal Balwan (2013-14): Development of thin wall casting for automobile.
  • Uttam bongarde (2013-14): Development of natural fiber reinforcement polymer composites.
  • Prachi Patil (2013-14): Development of a medical implant using rp and investment casting route.
  • Bahubali kabnure (2011-12): Modeling, simulation and process development of impeller casting


Dr. Vasudev Shinde
Associate Professor,
DKTE's Textile and Engineering Institute, Post box No 130, Rajwada, Ichalkaranji,
Dist: Kolhapur -416115 Maharashtra
E-Mail: vasu.metal@gmail.com

Research Projects:
  • Birla Peruchhini, Aurangabad
  • Suyash castings, Shiroli, Kolhapur
  • Unique auto assemby , Ichalkaranji Shipukude metals, Kolhapur
  • FIE Spherotech , Ichalkaranji
  • Menon & Menon, Kolhapur
  • Netmech foundry , Ichalkaranji
  • Uswal engineering, Kolhapur
  • Aqua alloys, Belgaum
  • Ganesh foundry , Ichalkaranji
  • S.S. Industries , Ichalkaranji.
Recent Publications:

  • Shinde V.D., Ravi B., Narasimhan K., (2012) "Solidification behaviour and mechanical properties of ductile iron castings with varying thickness," International Journal of Cast Metals Research, 25 (6), 364-373. DOI 10.1179/1743133612Y.0000000024
  • Shinde V.D., Ravi B., Narasimhan K., (2013) "Optimization of mould yield in ductile iron casting," Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance -ASM International- 22(6), 1558-1564. ISSN 1059-9495, DOI 10.1007/s11665-012-0458-y
  • Shinde V.D., Ravi B., Narasimhan K., (2013) "Effect of Orientation, Thickness, and Composition on Properties of Ductile Iron Castings," Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 28(5): 1-6.

Important Visitors:

  • Dr. S.M.Sawant, Dean, Engg, Shivaji University, Kolhapur