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Teacher Training Programmes

Metal casting is a multi-physics phenomena involving fluid flow, heat transfer and stress coupled with material and geometric parameters. It provides an interesting medium to teach mechanical engineering science, as well a rich arena for both basic and applied research. The relevant CAD and Simulation technologies are important to the industry for improving the quality and yield of castings. There is however, a severe shortage of qualified teachers, researchers and consultants in this field. To meet this gap, certificate training programmes are planned across the country for teachers of Manufacturing, Mechanical, and Metallurgy streams working in engineering and polytechnic institutes. Interested institutes can organize the programme in collaboration with IIT Bombay, to benefit teachers from the host as well as other local institutes. For maximum benefit, the teachers should have prior exposure to metal casting and CAD/CAM.

Date Location Local Coordinator Participants
July 06, 2013 CHARUSAT, Changa, Gujarat Dr. Mayur Sutaria List
Aug 03, 2013 SGSITS, Indore, Madhya Pradesh Dr. Durgesh Joshi List
Aug 31, 2013 SVERI, Pandharpur, Maharashtra Dr. A.A. Utpat List
Sep 07, 2013 DKTE's ITE, Kolhapur, Maharashtra Dr. Vasudev Shinde List
Sep 21, 2013 BHG COE, Rajkot, Gujarat Mr. Amit Sata List
Oct 4-5, 2013 IIT Madras, Chennai, Tamilnadu Dr. Ranjit Bauri List
Oct 10, 2013 Acropolis Technical Campus, Indore Dr. S C Sharma List
Oct 26, 2013 VJTI, Mumbai, Maharashtra Dr. Vikas M. Phalle List
Dec 13, 2013 VNIT, Nagpur, Maharashtra Dr. Abhaykumar Kuthe  
Jan 18, 2014 SGGSIET, Nanded, Maharashtra Dr. J.V.L. Venkatesh  
Jan 24, 2014 NIT Surathkal, Karnataka Dr. Narayan Prabhu  
Feb 17, 2014 GITAM, Visakhapatnam Dr. V. Srinivas  
April 4, 2014 Medicaps Institute, Indore Prof. Sanjay Jathar  
April 9, 2014 NIT Jalandhar Dr. S.S.Bhaduria  
April 11, 2014 SAIT, Indore Ms. Shweta Dubey  
April 12, 2014 BVM Engg. College, Vallabh Vidhyanagar Prof. Rakesh Barot  
May 31, 2014 Sagar Institute, Bhopal Dr. Manish Billore and Dr. Durgesh Joshi  
June 30, 2014 RIT Sakhrale, Sangli Dr. S.M.Sawant and Dr. Vasudev Shinde