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Casting temperatures at the end of solidification
Simulation Lab

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CASTING SIMULATION is a powerful tool to visualize progressive solidification of molten metal inside a mold cavity. It helps in identifying hot spots (yellow regions), which manifest as shrinkage porosity defects. The defect is usually eliminated by connecting a feeder, which is designed to solidify later than the hot spot. It supplies liquid metal to compensate the volumetric contraction at the hot spot. Feeder is cut-off and recycled, hence its size has to be optimized to ensure high yield.

  1. Solid model a cast part and save it as a .STL file.
  2. Browse and upload the casting model file here.
  3. Wait till the simulation results are displayed.
  4. Identify hot spots. Decide feeder size and location.
  5. Model the part with feeder and save as a .STL file.
  6. Simulate again and check the location of hot spots.
  7. If hot spots are not shifted inside feeders, repeat 4-6.